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North Carolina is routinely ranked as one of the best places in America to do business.



· “9th largest economy in the United States. If it were ranked as a country, the North Carolina economy would be the 22nd-largest in the world, placing it between Sweden and Saudi Arabia”


· “North Carolina workers are 10% more productive than the national average”


· “Friendly labor environment with one of the lowest unionization rates in the nation”


· “Depth of academic resources creates a highly educated work force that is ready for modern industry. A combination of nationally-ranked colleges and universities, as well as a wide network of community colleges and training institutions create a capable and cost-effective workforce”.


· “North Carolina is routinely ranked as one of the most cost effective places to live and do business”


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Discover Place,Charlotte,NC

Duke University,Durham,NC

Governer's Mansion,Raleigh,NC




State Capital Building,Raleigh,NC

University of NC,Chapel Hill,NC